Netwyn Place offers a large event space, perfect for large scale gatherings and occasions. The event space is capable of hosting up to 70 people, and more are able to be hosted within  Netwyn Place if need be. Netwyn Place aims to offer a premiere event space within Scarborough that offers rentals that can accomodate any business person.

Our event hall is perfect for presentations, seminars, product demos or large scale meetings. The hall can be rented multiple times over a month or for short term periods. We aim to make the event space work for you and your business, so whatever your plan is we aim to help accommodate it. If you have any supplementary materials such as banners and posters, Netwyn Place will be happy to display them to help enhance your event. Catering and refreshments can also be ordered and served during events, to ensure your guests have a great time.

The event space comes equipped with state of the art presentation equipment. The space is equipped with projectors that can display information, slides, videos, clearly on a large screen for all to see. The space also possesses high end speakers and microphones, so all can hear what you wish to be heard.

Netwyn Place is also capable of reconfiguring the space to suit higher volumes of people so more people than the 70 our event hall is capable of hosting can attend your events. In addition, our parking lot is capable of holding numerous vehicles to ensure that large events can still be accommodated within our walls.

We have had a lot of success with our Event Space. From our opening ceremony to large scale events hosted by our members, the Netwyn Place event space continues to try and become the best event space in all of Scarborough.

  • Multi-purpose Use:
    • Meetings
    • Lectures
    • Product Demos
    • Training
  • Up to 70 people
  • State of the art audio
  • Short and Long Term Rental