Co-working etiquette

When in the co-working space, there are certain actions one should perform while attending. This is done in order to maintain a proper level of etiquette among peers in order to ensure that the work place is enjoyable not only for yourself, but others as well.


Because co-working is a shared space, keeping noise at a respectable level is considered good etiquette as it will not only make the place better to work in for others, it will also help you improve your productivity as you will help create a more productive and peaceful workplace. If you enjoy listening to music while you work, remember to bring some headphones so you don’t disturb other members who might prefer a quiet work space.

Co-working Etiquette-

Co-working Etiquette-

Letting people know you are bringing guests

Co-Working places typically offer a form of meeting room that can be used for various events. While there usually won’t be an issue allowing you and your guests to use this service, it is good etiquette to let management and other members that you will be bringing company so they can make preparations to ensure their own workflow is not disturbed.


Light snacking during work is completely acceptable however try to minimize the amount of crumbs left behind so that others can use the desk cleanly without needing to deal with the leftovers. Keeping the Co-Working place clean is considered good etiquette as a clean work space is an efficient work space. However, when eating lunch or something pungent, it is best to eat in the kitchen so other members are not distracted by the smell.

Co-working Etiquette-


Keep your belongings safe and secure by bringing backpacks or other methods to carry them around. Try not to leave your belongings alone for too long as it will reduce the temptation others might have to steal it. While co-working places have security systems and prevention methods, the best form of prevention is taking the extra steps to make sure your items are safe and secure.